The amazing fact about online trading

It is used to be that trading was all about men frantically waving a hand at each
other on the trading floor. How things have been changed. Online trading now
dominates the world’s stock and currency market completely changing the way of
investment are made. Here are some of the amazing facts about online trading:-
1. Online Forex trading in worth more than $5.5 trillion day 
Foreign exchange trading is the world’s single largest market. Every day more than $
5.5 trillion change hands -and all that online. To put that into context, that’s
equivalent to the entire US GDP every three years.
2. High-Frequency trading accounts for 73% of all equity trades
High -frequency automatic trading account for 73 % of all equity trade in the US,
although HFT firms only account for 2% of all the equity traders. It also accounts for
more than 60% of all trading in the global market.
3. The biggest fall ever in the Dow Jones was due to single trade 
Online trading wiped 998.5 points off of the Dow Jones industrial average in a few
minutes. While high-level frequency -trading was thought to be the original problem,
it turned out that a single online 4.1 billion futures contract sale by Waddell & Reed
Financial caused the plummet.

  1.  Citi alone carries out 16 % of all global for-ex trade:- While you might expect
    that central banks are the biggest traders, it isn’t true. Citibank accounts for 16% of
    all online foreign currency trades, closely followed by Deutsche Bank at just under
    16% and Barclays Investment Bank at just under 11%. 

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