Role of saving account while trading in share market

If you are looking to invest in the share market through the Best Online Trading Platform In India, opening following is absolutely vital:

  • Savings account
  • Demat account
  • Trading account

You can purchase or sell shares through a trading account. Demat accounts carry your shares in digital form, eradicating the need for hard copies. In order to dematerialize (conversion to electronic form) your physical share certificates, you need to open a Demat account with a Depositary participant (DP) that could be a bank, a financial institution or a licenced Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) agent. A DP serves as an intermediary between you (investor) and the depositary.


To make things simpler and faster, a user can link his/her debit account to the savings account for the seamless transaction of shares. Money from your savings account is instantaneously debited/credited, and share assets are credited/debited to your debit account. Interlinking your savings accounts with your debit account gives you the comfort you need when trading on the stock market via Best Online Trading Platform In India. Apart from that, there are many other advantages that investors can receive by connecting the accounts:


  • By connecting your savings, Demat, and trading account, you can not only easily purchase and sell shares, but also other financial products such as mutual funds, bonds, corporate FDs, etc. ⠀


  • Through a linked Demat and savings account, one is empowered to carry out financial transactions anywhere, and at any time. There is no chance of missing a lucrative opportunity as you can simply begin trading through smartphone, laptop or tablet. This kind of readiness is a must, considering how erratic stock markets are.


  • Linked accounts also help you keep the record of your transaction. You can supervise and regulate your sale and purchase decisions, besides monitoring the returns you’ve made.


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