Everything you need to know about DE-MAT Account in 2020

DE-MAT Account 

De-mat account was launched by the Securities and Exchange Board of India(SEBI)
which is India’s largest regulator for securities in the year 1996 to facilitate online
trading and securities. De-mat account is just a bank account with a difference in its
hold shares,bonds, mutual fund, and other akin investment securities rather than
money. A de-mat account is highly beneficial for daily online traders who purchase
and sell the shares and security regularly. However it is important to hold the share
in De-mat form for all the traders irrespective of their frequency and regulatory of
the transaction , so all the investors and traders need to open a de-mat account.
Now we will have look at how to open a De-mat account, but before we got on this
topic, we shall know two important terms in this regard ie Depositories and
Depository participants.   
Depositories and Depository Participants
Depositor refers to the bank or organization or institute which holds securities and
facilitates its trading. There are two SEBI registered depositories in India which are
the National Securities Depository Limited . These two depositories limited Limited
(NSDL and The Central Securities Depository Limited (CSDL). These two depositories
hold all the electronic securities & shares and all the transactions can be executed
only through them.
On the other hand, the depository participant (DP) are intermediaries between the
investor and the two main depositories. A Demat account of an investor is opened
with DP.     
Let have a look at how to open a DE- MAT account 
Step 1:-Opt a depository participant among various financial institutions like banks,
brokers, etc which act as depository participants.
Step 2:-Fill the DE-MAT account opening form and submit photocopies of all the
required documents specified in the form.
Step 3:- When all the required documents are submitted, and in-person verification
is conducted by DP.
Step 4:- Once all the credentials are duly verified, a unique account number is
provided by the applicant by the DP to allow the applicant to access his/her online
DE-MAT account.  

So open DE-MAT account with a Real guru and grow your money to the next level.
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