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Investing in shares or stock markets is proved to be one of the best long-term investments in the financial market place. However, it carries with it elements of risk due to high-return trade offs and inherent volatility prevalent in the stock market. The level of risk involved varies but working with a trustworthy and reliable expert can help.

Real Guru takes up this role. We guide investors on when, where, and how to invest a well as provide thorough guidance on the stock market and offer multiple trading solutions so that you get better returns on your investments.

An equity share is a form of ownership. The holder of such as share is a member of the company.

The earnings from equity investments are highly uncertain and varied, while the return from other avenues such as Bank Deposits, Small Saving schemes, Debentures, Bond, etc. are fixed and certain. A good scrip picked up at the right time could bring in good returns else the return may be meager or may even turn negative. 

Equity trading is all about long-term wealth creation. So, it is advised to stay invested for a minimum of one year. Buy on dips and benefit from the law of averages. 

Stock market operates much like an auction house allowing buyers and sellers to negotiate prices and make trades. The stock market works through the National Stock Market (NSE) exchange. We list shares on our website for you to purchase. 

Intraday Trading Calls

We provide intraday trading calls service where you get experts advice and high leverage helping you make the most of your trading day.

Portfolio Health Score

Real Guru has a tool for analyzing risk with Angel Broking ARQ Portfolio Health Check. With this we help you diagnose the health of your portfolio and help construct and manage your ideal portfolio.

Loan Against Shares

Meet immediate money requirements by getting a hassle-free loan against shares and not by selling them. The interest rate is also lower than the personal loan.

Trading Account

Trading account is all you need to trade in equities, ETF, mutual funds, derivatives, and other assets. Open your trading account today and invest in stock markets without any hassle