Incorporating investments and savings knowledge is necessary to fight the growing uncertainties of the economy and inflation rate. First of all, investing is not saving money. Great things are learned, when basic questions arise and when these basics are answered correctly. During demonetization, we came across many people saving their money by keeping them aside in boxes or drawers. This concept brought them considerable loss as INR 50,000 set aside in the year 2000 at an inflation rate of 8% will make no more than 10,000 today.

Investments can be a part of income over a certain period if handled with care and knowledge. Inflation will eat away everything if money’s value is not retained. For example, a 100 rupee note in the year 2000 will yield much less in 2020, which is probably worth INR 20 to INR 50. In India, inflation is at a much higher rate than in developed countries, therefore it’s vital to understand the basic rule of successful investing by each and all. Many sources of investment are available today in the market. A few investments are constrained by the public authority, while some are privatized, ensuring a fixed or variable pay after a particular period. Commodity markets in India, equities, mutual funds, government deposits are some of the sources of investments.

Powerful rules of investing are simple to understand, are not complicated, and must be applied by everyone in their life.

  1. Invest early: We always tend to invest money quite late in our life, which is the biggest mistake done, by most youngsters.
  2. Make money work for you: Investing early in life helps money to work for you. Return on investments and the time frame determines ad maximizes the investment amount.
  • Regular investment is necessary: It’s important to invest regularly irrespective of whether a market is favorable or unfavorable.
  • Create a long-term strategy: A long term plan is always beneficial for investments as it yields more income with the compounding rate factor.
  • Create a portfolio of investments: A portfolio of investments is created to diversify the money. 
  • Stop creating liabilities for investments: Never borrow money for investment as the stock market is full of risk. Always make sure surplus is invested and not the borrowed money.
  • Consider the hidden costs of an investment product: Whenever an investment product is selected, get deep research done regarding the hidden costs and fees associated with it. 
  • Short term fluctuations must be ignored: Unexpected market fluctuations are likely to happen with changes in the economy or any financial crisis a country has to face. These directly affect the investments and short-term fluctuations, which should be ignored, and the money should be allowed to grow.
  • Invest irrespective of the size of the amount: It’s the wrong notion that money needs to be invested, out of huge sums only. Remember the drop of water makes an ocean.

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